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The New Market Wizards

In one of the most popular finance books ever written, Jack Schwager introduces us to some of today's most successful and fascinating supertraders. Get the story behind Stan Drukenmiller--who runs Soros' Quantum Fund. Meet Bill Lipschutz , the former architect who became Salomon Brothers' most successful currency trader. Trace the fascinating roots of the now legendary circle of traders known as the Turtles.

In this sequel to the bestselling Market Wizards, Schwager taps into the minds of today's top financial wizards and reveals the secrets of their astonishing success. "Provides unique insight into the arcane world of currency trading as well as other fast-moving markets".--U.S. News & World Report


Market Wizards

This classic bestseller delves into the minds and methodolgies of some of the world's most successful traders. Gain insight into how each of these trader's methods triumphs through chaos and personal doubt, how they learned valuable lessons and most importantly, how different the roads to success was for all of them.

If you don't already have the trading bug, this entertaining read will light a fire under you and encourage you to get going.

Street Smarts: High Probability Short Term Trading Strategies

* News - Among the strategies revealed is an intra-day news strategy they use to exploit the herd when the 8:30am economic reports are released. This strategy will be especially appreciated by bond traders and currency traders.
* Pattern Recognition - You will learn some of the best short-term set-up patterns available. Larry and Linda will also teach you how they combine these patterns with other strategies to identify explosive moves.
* ADX - In our opinion, ADX is one of the most powerful and misunderstood indicators available to traders. Now, for the first time, they reveal a handful of short-term trading strategies they use in conjunction with this terrific indicator.
* Volatility - You will learn how to identify markets that are about to explode and how to trade these exciting situations.
* Also, included are chapters on trading volatility, trading Crabel, trading the smart money index, trading gap reversals, a special chapter on professional money management, and many other trading strategies!

The Psychology of Technical Analysis: Profiting from crowd Behavior and the dynamics of price

This book explains how emotions drive the financial markets and demonstrates how technical indicators can be used to forecast market turning points. This edition includes a trading system and provides practical advice on how to profit from changes in crowd psychology. Specific topics include: The "logic" of the crowd; Techniques for forecasting crowd behavior; The mathematical basis of price movements; Price patterns at turning points; The mechanics of trading success.

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

With rare insight based on his first-hand commodity trading experience, Mark Douglas demonstrates why the beliefs learned to function effectively in society are often formidable psychological barriers in trading. "The Disciplined Trader" helps you join the elite few who have learned how to control their trading behavior by developing a systematic, step-by-step approach for winning -- week after week, month after month. In a comprehensive and logical manner, Mark Douglas shows you how to examine and limit your trading behavior -- how to develop the mental discipline possessed by the small minority of winners who make money consistently. Mark Douglas is President of Trading Behavior Dynamics, Inc. A successful commodities trader himself, Mark has drawn on his own experiences - as well as observations of countless other traders in his consulting business to identify and develop methods for overcoming counterproductive trading behaviors. He conducts his own seminars and workshops for leading commodities and brokerage organizations as well as being an invited speaker at numerous investment conferences around the world. 

Trading to win: The Psychology of Mastering the Markets

Buy low, sell high. Sounds simple? Hardly. As most traders will tell you, finding the right entry and exit points in a market is too often a stressful and even gut-wrenching experience. Ari Kiev, author of Trading to Win, wants to change all that. Kiev spent five years with a group of professional traders at SAC Capital Management, a $500 million hedge fund, studying the psychological and emotional aspects of what makes for a successful trader. Kiev found that what hinders many traders is ego, fear, emotion, and "false beliefs about yourself and the markets." Gaining mastery as a trader means seeing "the market as it is, not as a reference point for your own existence." Kiev advocates a disciplined, Zen-like approach to the markets that begins with articulating a specific goal then committing oneself to attaining that goal in the most objective way possible, overcoming the emotional baggage that too often leads to poor decision-making. Trading to Win is for professional and amateur traders of every stripe who are looking for insight into their own behavior and approach to the markets. --Harry C. Edwards.

Computerized Trading

An excellent book covering all aspects of building and trading systems using technical analysis software packages

Market Momentum

Learn the basics of technical analysis and the basic forces of mementum indicators driving financial market prices

The New Market Wizards

See what critical success factors make "Market Wizards"

The Compleat Day Trader

A Day Trading Manual

The Symmetry Wave Trading Method

Not a well known book, but outlines a method of trading that illustrates importance of trend in trading

The Day Trader's Course

A day trading book from one of the masters from the S&P 500 pit

Mastering the Trade

John Carter, 17 year veteran trader outlines his approach to the markets

Forex Trading for maximum Profits

A good book on technical analysis, the practica aspects through the insights of trader and educator Raghee Horner

Trading in the zone

They say trading is 80% method and 20% psychology. The correct frame of mind and the ability to think like a winner is an important ingredient. Let Mark Douglas guide you through this veritable minefield fo psychology in trading.

Trading Price Action Trends: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader

The first in the current series of 3 price aciton books by Al Brooks, highly recommended for price actio traders

Trading Price Action Trading Ranges: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader

The first in the current series of 3 price aciton books by Al Brooks, highly recommended for price actio traders

Trading Price Action Reversals: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader

The first in the current series of 3 price aciton books by Al Brooks, highly recommended for price actio traders


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